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Wooden Mini drugstore

Through this program, kids collect cute miniature items of real-life products and use them to build their own drugstore. 

And what’s better than to have this concept made of 100% sustainable materials? All Mini items, the flow pack, collector's box and merchandise products are made of paper and/or wood.

A perfect fit with the retailer's sustainability ambitions!


Moreover, this concept generates a high branding value as the

Mini's will be used for years in kids' play corner at home. 


Wooden Mini

Collector's box


Get one free Mini for every €15 you spend. Each flow pack contains one wooden Mini and a leaflet with information about the product.

Collect your Mini's in the collector's box that has the shape of a bathroom cabinet. Put all your collected Mini's on the shelves and complete your collection!

Complete the full drugstore experience with the wooden scale and cash register. Play your own drugstore: who is the cashier and who is the customer? What is the value of your basket? And what is the difference in weight between the wooden Mini's?

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