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Ocean Expedition

The ocean is a magical and mysterious place.

Did you know that the ocean covers over two thirds of the surface of the earth? 


Humans cannot stay underwater for too long, which is why part of the ocean is still unknown territory! during ocean expeditions, We still discover new animals in unexpected spots. 

The ocean is not only a magical place, but also indispensable for the well-being of our planet. Ocean Expedition provides helpful tips to kids on how they can help protect the ocean—even through small steps like bringing in their own grocery bag when shopping or taking shorter showers. The possibilities are endless!


What's unique about the campaign is that all merchandise uses sustainable materials: the album and stickers are made of paper, and the plush range, onesies and key chains are made of recycled PET bottles. 


Are you ready for your ocean adventure?




Activity book

Picture book

Plush toys


Stickers &

Collector's Album

Activity &

Picture Book


Get one sticker pack with 3 stickers with every €10 you spend and collect them all in your Collector's Album! The album is jam-packed with fun facts and figures about the ocean and teaches children what they can do to help keep our ocean clean. Some sticker packs even contain an Ocean Expedition tattoo!

An activity book to teach children about the ocean in a playful manner, and a lovely picture book about dog Toby who travels the ocean and meets lots of new friends underwater!

Several merchandise items that are for sale during the campaign, such as the plush toys, are made for 96% of recycled PET bottles. This way, we help limit the amount of plastic that ends up in our ocean!

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