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Expeditia Oceanelor

A new adventure is on the horizon at MEGA IMAGE!


Are you ready to explore the Ocean?

The challenge starts with fun stickers, temporary tattoos, a collector's album with lots of interesting information, keychains, onesies and stuffed animals with your little one's favorite animals!

The successful Albert Heijn campaign, which resulted in stunning figures of 80% recognition within the target group and a level of valuation amongst children of a whopping 94%, inspired Ahold Delhaize colleague Mega Image in Romania to run Ocean Expedition in spring 2023. 

Families with kids could collect over 100 stickers in their album, and buy merchandise made of recycled PET bottles: plush, onesies and key chains!

The album and stickers were made of FSC paper.





Plush toys


Stickers &

Collector's Album



Get one sticker pack with 3 stickers with every 50 Lei you spend and collect them all in your Collector's Album! The album is sold for only 5 Lei, and is jam-packed with fun facts and figures about the ocean and teaches children what they can do to help keep our ocean clean. Some sticker packs even contain an Ocean Expedition tattoo!

Become part of your own underwater world and get into character anytime with the funniest shark or seahorse onesie - made of recycled PET bottles! By using recycled material, we help limit the amount of plastic that ends up in our ocean.

Bring the ocean creatures into your room with the small plushies (seahorse, turtle, clownfish, penguin, shark) or with the big plush, the blue whale, which in reality is... 30 meters long! Take the stories of the sea with you on your travels with the key chains.

All plush and key chains are made for 96% of recycled PET bottles.

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