We are here to turn Customers into Loyal Customers.


Lumen Loyalty develops loyalty programs targeting families with kids. The goal of these programs is to create a strong bond between you and your customers. 

With years of experience on both sides of the table, we are the leading specialist in developing loyalty programs in co-creation with retailers. Only through co-creation can we design innovative and unique loyalty programs that are aligned with your values and goals.

We believe that an effective loyalty program should be designed around two core values: Have Fun & Learn. The right mix of these two elements creates happy customers, who are loyal to your brand.

By using sustainable materials and production techniques for all of our loyalty programs, we embrace sustainability as a way to safeguard the future of our next generations. In doing so, we collaborate with trusted creative and manufacturing partners who have vast experience in designing and implementing large scale loyalty programs, and who have a proven track record of complying with strict international quality standards.

We are here to bring Loyalty to a new level.

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We are here to join forces

Developing customized programs that are in line with your strategic objectives makes our heart race. Whether it is about increasing your basket spend or getting more customers to your store - our loyalty programs are a perfect fit to reach the goal you have in mind. 


Creative Design

We are here to create

Our in-house design team has the expertise to translate your goals into creative and unique concepts, perfectly aligned with your values. Working directly with our team of Creative Champions always means short and effective communication lines.



We are here for the future

With years of experience with trusted partners in our supply chain, we have perfected production techniques to take sustainability to a new level. By doing so, our loyalty programs do not only make kids nowadays happy, but also future generations.



We are here to deliver quality

We offer a full-service approach in which you can rest assured that we take care of the process from A to Z - including strict quality control. All our factories and products comply with international toy safety standards to make sure we deliver the highest quality programs to your stores.


Loyalty Programs, Customer Rewards, Creative Design, Customized Branding, and Sustainable Production


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